Providing Day Care for Adults Monday to Friday

Here at Whittier Adult Day Health Care Center we are dedicated to providing clients with a safe and nurturing environment that provides stimulating activities for participants Monday to Friday. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for participants and their caretakers.

About US

Since 1998 Whittier Adult Day Health Care Center has been proudly serving frail and disabled adults (18 & Over) by providing services to help maintain independence and well-being. Our Goal is to restore and maintain each participant’s optimal capacity for self-care, independence and self-advocacy to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.

Our Care Plans

Shortly after admission, the interdisciplinary care team (ICT) will meet with participants develop a plan of care. Each Discipline (Nursing, Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy, Activities Coordinator, Program Director and Social Services) of the ICT reviews the participant’s history and asks questions to make sure we develop a plan of care that meets individual needs.

Program Benefits

“Helping Maintain Independence and Well-Being”

How to Enroll

Our services are covered under Medi-Cal Manage Care benefits and are provided at no cost to participants. We are currently contracted with all major manage care plans in Los Angeles and Orange County. We also accept private pay with a sliding fee scale based on days of attendance.

Our Care Plans

Shortly after admission, the interdisciplinary care team (ICT) will meet with participants to develop a plan of care.


The team consists of physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), a speech therapist, and a rehab aide who work together to meet individual needs of each patient.

Service Area

We are located in South East Whittier and provide transportation to and from our center in the following cities:


  • Physical Therapist...

    The Physical Therapist assesses and treats impairments in strength and function that occur as a result of injury, disease, age-related degeneration, or environmental factors. Physical therapy treatments are performed by the physical therapist. Continue Reading
  • Speech Therapist...

    The Speech Therapist assesses language, cognition, and swallowing dysfunction.  A Speech Therapist’s main goal is helping resident with swallowing difficulties.  In conjunction with the nutritionist they will work with participants that may have modified diets to help them get back to eating the types of foods …

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  • Occupational Therapist...

    The Occupational Therapist assesses the impact that a decline in function has in the patients’ ability to participate in their life by performing everyday tasks such as dressing and bathing, or being able to return to work or engage in previous hobbies. Occupational therapy treatments are …

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Our Care Plans include Activities & Therapies

Our Activities challenge minds, keep bodies moving and lift spirits