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“ Our Activities challenge minds, keep bodies moving and lift spirits.”

Just one glance at our Activities Calendar and you will know you’re in for something fun and informative. Once you are admitted, we review your interests, what you like to do at home, and assess your activity level. Then we custom-tailor a program (either in a group or individually) to suit your needs.

You’ll never be bored! How about an ice cream social, an  arts & crafts class, music appreciation, creative writing, or  group exercise? We have a men’s club and classes where you’ll learn an entirely new craft or skill. Each day there are plenty of activities to not only keep you busy, but a place where you can go to socialize with others.

We not only have fun activities inside, we go out, too! Like to garden? We have a hands-on gardening program where you can really dig in the dirt. Even from a wheelchair, we have found a way to let you get your hands dirty and help things grow. Or perhaps you’re more of a shopper than a gardener! We’ll gladly take you to the local shopping mall for some “retail therapy.” We have these trips regularly scheduled; just ask us about our next excursion, or check the Calendar of Events so you don’t miss out.